In the next year, 100 new jobs will be opened for software engineers, business analysts, and more.

One of the world’s leading business news organizations – the Financial Times – opens an office in Sofia in the fall of 2018. It will host the major technology team FT Core, which supports the platforms and systems running the website, says in a press release from Xoomworks, a consultancy and technology company specializing in the development of sophisticated software solutions and digital innovations.

FT Core supports a diverse portfolio of platforms, including digital subscription systems, print distribution, and content publishing. In addition, the data platform for customer information plays a key role in shaping a culture of analytical thinking in business, which is at the heart of FT’s success.

The British media has chosen Sofia for its location, fast access to London’s FT office and technology talents that would help the team grow and grow.

FT will open nearly 100 new positions over the next 12 months in various fields, such as software engineers, business analysts, and project management and product management specialists.

The British media works with Xoomworks, a Sofia-based consultancy company based on Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT). The new office will go all the way to the media for 2-5 years.

FT marks 130 years in 2018 with a record high audience of more than 910,000. The company is more focused on digital content, registering a 10% increase in subscriptions, reaching 714,000, thus covering more than three quarters of an audience that pays. Content revenue accounts for nearly two thirds of total revenue, which is twice as much as five years ago.